Dad.G Part 2: Colorful Creatures

mg_dadg21mg_dadg24mg_dadg26mg_dadg23mg_dadg22 mg_dadg22b   mg_dadg29 mg_dadg30

In this second group of Dad.G’s paintings are fascinating scenes of creatures that blend in to the colorful compositions. They are simply organic shapes, but clearly a presence. They kind of creep behind other shapes and peer out at the viewer. These paintings are very different than the first group in the previous post, which goes to show the talent and versatility of Dad.G.

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Dad.G Part 1: Paintings in Motion

mg_dadg1 mg_dadg2 mg_dadg3 mg_dadg3b mg_dadg3c mg_dadg3d mg_dadg3f OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dad.G is one of my new favorite artists. I’m so excited about his paintings, I’m devoting two posts to his work. This first group of paintings is extraordinary in color and composition. The shapes and colors have some African influence, and the second, taller blue one even reminds me of antique Asian pottery. There is so much motion.

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